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Withdrawal with notice

When your child joins Rosemount, one of the ‘Terms and Conditions’ you sign is that two months’ notice, in writing, must be given to the Accounts Department prior to the child's last day of school in their current semester. Failure to give notice will result in the forfeiture of the refundable deposit. Notice is not deemed to be given until confirmation has been received, and acknowledged, by the School’s Accounts Department. Notice must be given in writing, and be acknowledge, by the Admissions Department. No other confirmation – written or otherwise – will suffice.

If a family is eligible for a deposit then Rosemount will refund on the student’s last day of School the deposit holding held less any outstanding fees and applicable bank and administrative charges owed to the School.

Automatic withdrawal upon non payment of fees
A student will be deemed withdrawn from Rosemount without notice if fees for the Semester and/or following Semester remain unpaid by the due date indicated on the Student’s invoice.

Automatic withdrawal upon failure to re-enrol for forth-coming year
A student will be deemed withdrawn from Rosemount for the forth-coming academic year if a confirmation of re-enrollment form for the forth-coming academic year has not been submitted to the School Accounts Department by the due date indicated in the form.

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