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Rosemount's learner profile

Below are the qualities that we aim to foster in every Rosemount student. These traits are taught and modeled by our teachers and staff and are central to our evaluation of students’ progress. 

At Rosemount we want our children to be:

  1.Caring individuals - to care for others and for their environment and be respectful of diversity.

  2.Responsible for themselves and others and be confident to take action.

  3.Great communicators and great listeners.

  4.Prepared to take risks.

  5.Courageous and confident.

  6.Principled and act with respect for themselves and others.

  7.Aware of and understanding of the world around them.

  8.Well-informed and knowledgeable - to have a love of learning and be prepared to continue and be excited about the learning journey.

 9. Consider and reflect upon all that they are confronted with.


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