Below are the fees payable by all students for 2019. These are correct as of 01 February 2019. School fees are reviewed annually and are subject to change. All fees are quoted in Singapore Dollars and are exclusive of GST. In the event the rate of GST changes, all fees will be recalculated to reflect the said changes.

Application Fee

Each application must be accompanied by an application fee of $394+GST. 

Enrollment Fee

An enrollment fee is payable upon acceptance of an offered place. This is a one-off fee per successful application. Once paid, it is non-refundable.

  Amount Payable

First Child

  $2,853 +GST

Second Child

  $2,551 +GST

Third and Subsequent Child    

  $2,247 + GST              

Refundable Family Deposit

A refundable family deposit of $2,500 per family is required upon enrolment. 

School Fees

Tuition fees and the Building and Facility (B&F) fee are invoiced for each of the two semesters in an academic year, and are collected one semester in advance. Both the Tuition Fee and the B&F Fee are non-refundable. Student participation costs related to school events and excursions are additional to tuition fee payments and are billed separately at the time the charges are incurred. Listed below are the fees associated with attending Rosemount. Please note that the school has minimum attendance requirements for each of its class and in such not all attendance options listed below may be available to your child.


 Amount Per Semester                     

 2 Mornings

 $2,974 + GST

 3 Mornings

 $4,459 + GST

 5 Mornings

 $7,433 + GST

 5 Mornings + 2 Afternoons

 $8,688 + GST

 5 Mornings + 3 Afternoons

 $9,944 + GST

 5 Full Days (Full-Time)

 $10,258 + GST

 B&F FEE Amount Per Semester                             
 Prep 1 and Prep 2 $693 + GST
 Prep 3 and Grade 1 & Grade 2 $1,399 + GST

Payment Dates for School Fees
 Tuition Period Invoices Sent Payment Due
 Semester 1 Mid-March 1 May
 Semester 2 Mid-September 1 November

The B&F Fee is non-refundable and pays for the maintenance, costs and renovation of Rosemount and its current campuses as well as for all its capital development projects. The B&F Fee is compulsory and applies to children in all levels. Contributions towards Rosemount’s B&F Fee is not based on usage by, or benefit to, any particular Student or generation of Students, and does not imply any proprietary or vested interest or control by any Student or his family or any generation of Students over Rosemount’s present or future campuses, or in respect of Rosemount’s schedule or plan for maintenance or improvements of its existing campuses and facilities.


Pro-rating of Fees

New students commencing class midway through a semester shall be entitled to have their tuition and B&F fees pro-rated by month. The school does not pro-rata fees for students leaving the school midway through a semester.


Waiting List

Upon enrolment, if the class you are wanting to put your child in is full you can choose to be put on our wait-list. To be placed on the school wait-list a fee of $350+GST will be charged. This fee is non-refundable.



Please see our withdrawal page on this website for further information on Rosemount's withdrawal policies.


Late Payment

Rosemount will impose a late payment fee on any school payments that are not received by the due date indicated on invoices as per the schedule that follows:

 Number of Days Payment is Overdue

 % Chargeable

 1- 30 days overdue

 2% on all outstanding fees

 31 - 60 days overdue

 4% on all outstanding fees

 61 days or more overdue

 5% on all outstanding fees



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