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The Application Process

Depending on the time frame, and how far in advance you are applying, a number of these steps can be collapsed or skipped.


Step 1: Research the school 

Step 2: Contact Admissions and visit the school

Step 3: Apply online

Step 4: Admission evaluation

Step 5: Offers and accepting a place


Step 1:Research the school.

Review the information on our website, speak to other parents in Singapore and find out as much as you can about the school.


Step 2: Contact Admissions and visit the school

Please contact Admissions to arrange a tour and clarify any questions you have on specific parts of our program. Our Admissions officers provide tailored tours of the school. An individual tour will take about an hour. We recommend visiting while school is in session, as it provides a far greater insight into the quality of our program and the vibrancy of our community. Tours are offered throughout the year, Monday–Friday between 9am and 12pm. It is essential to book a school tour in advance, as we are rarely able to provide a comprehensive tour at short notice. Due to security requirements of the school, self-guided tours are not possible.


We understand that it is not always possible to visit Singapore in person so we are happy also to arrange for an Admissions officer to talk with you on the phone about the school.


Step 3: Apply online

Once you are satisfied that Rosemount will be a good match for your child (and family), apply online for admission or register your interest in joining us in future. Once we have received your application you will be notified with a confirmation email and an invoice requesting the payment of a non-refundable Application Fee. An application will not be processed until the Application Fee has been paid. 


Step 4:Admission evaluation

During this step, the Admissions office will look at your child’s application documents to assess their eligibility to be considered for a place. It is likely they will be in touch during this time to confirm or clarify details, and may request further information such as additional reports.


Some applicants are asked to come to the school for an assessment. This is generally to ascertain whether any specific support might be required e.g. English language support.


Once an application has been evaluated, parents are advised of their child's eligibility to be considered for a place. If the applicant is eligible, their name is placed on the application register for consideration when places are allocated. Parents of applicants who are not eligible to join the application register are contacted by the Director of Admissions as soon as possible.


Individual learning needs.

It is important to provide as much information as possible about your child's individual requirements, including any specialist reports, at the time of application so that we can assess if we are able to support your child.


Where we feel that an assessment is required to ensure we can support the student, we will invite you to bring your child to the school. These assessments are, without exception, held at the School. 


Step 5: Offers and accepting a place


If a place is allocated to your child, we will contact you by email informing you your child has been accepted. In this email you can expect to find:


1) An Acceptance Letter welcoming your family to the school and providing additional information about school life at Rosemount.

2) An invoice for payment of the Enrolment Fee which must be paid within seven (7) calendar days of receipt of invoice in order to secure the place. If your child is starting during a semester you will also be provided with an invoice for school fees which must be paid in full prior to the child’s first day at school.

3) A list of the outstanding documents that we need in order to process your child’s application which will include these below. These are to be submitted within seven (7) calendar days from receipt of the Acceptance Email. A child’s application will not be processed and will be voided if the following documents are not handed into the Administration Office within the specified time period.


   a.   4 passport size photographs
   b.   Photocopy of applicant’s Birth Certificate

   c.    Photocopy of applicant’s Passport

   d.   Photocopy of SG pass/visa

   e.   Signed copy of the Student Contract 
   f.    Educational assessment or specialist reports (where applicable)

   g.   Signed copy of Rosemount's Medical Form

   h.   Signed copy of Rosemount's Sports Permission Form

   i.    Photocopy of applicant's immunisation records


Deferrals are not available. If you are offered a place and are unable to take it up, a fresh application must be submitted for the new proposed year of entry.


Unsuccessful applicants—reapplying

You are able to re-apply for entry in a later academic year by submitting a new application, including payment of the application fee.


Contact Admissions for more information:

T: +65 6446 4646


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