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Rosemount International School’s programs are grounded in a philosophy of instilling a life-long love of learning in every student and nurturing within every child a sense of self-esteem, personal integrity, and a respectful, caring attitude towards others. We implement a student centered approach to instruction following an inquiry-based and interdisciplinary curriculum. At Rosemount parents are considered to be a vital component of the whole partnership of school, child and family; and as such are encouraged to play an active role in both the school and their children’s learning and development.

Our vision is:

- To continually strive to provide the best teaching and learning experiences for all so that each individual develops a life-long love of learning and achieves more than they believe they can.
- To be a leading International School in Singapore and achieve a global reputation for: quality teaching and learning and; developing within every Rosemount student a strong and genuine love of school and learning.

Our mission is to: 

-  Develop a love of learning and of school.

-  Provide quality teaching and quality learning in a safe, secure and supported environment.

- To develop within every child a sound foundation in knowledge, understanding, skills and values on which further learning can be built.

To work in partnership with parents to provide the best possible outcomes for our children.

To develop in our children the following characteristics in order that they can become valuable members of our global society:

  1.Caring individuals - to care for others and for their environment and be respectful of diversity.

  2.Responsible for themselves and others and be confident to take action.

  3.Great communicators and great listeners.

  4.Prepared to take risks.

  5.Courageous and confident.

  6.Principled and act with respect for themselves and others.

  7.Aware of and understanding of the world around them.

  8.Well-informed and knowledgeable - to have a love of learning and be prepared to continue and be excited about the learning journey.

 9. Consider and reflect upon all that they are confronted with.

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